Past Events

  • Brain Awareness Week 2017 (Versione Italiana)

    Date: 13/03/2017 - 19/03/2017

    Iniziative per la Settimana del Cervello

    A cura del Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca in Neuroscienze (CIRN), Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Napoli

    Cinzia Coppola: "Memento... In salute e malattia - Come si formano i ricordi e perché a volte li perdiamo?" Chiacchierata didattica con gli studenti del Liceo Classico Quinto Orazio Flacco di Portici. Mercoledì 15/03 ore 09-11:00 e 11:15-13:15

    Gianfranco Puoti: “Sviluppo e declino, fisiologico e patologico, delle funzioni nervose” Chiacchierata didattica con gli studenti del Liceo “A. MANZONI" di Caserta, lunedì 13 Marzo 2017, ore 9-11

    Marina Melone: “La memoria del gusto, Proust era un Neuroscienziato?? Ovvero Cibo e Cervello, un viaggio fra alimenti, mente ed emozioni” Chiacchierata didattica di con gli studenti del Convitto Vittorio Emanuele, Napoli , mercoledì 15 marzo, ore 15:30.

    Marina Melone “I neuroni magici…dal pensiero al linguaggio” Chiacchierata didattica con gli studenti dell’ISIS Rita Levi Montalcini, Quarto Napoli venerdì 17 marzo, ore 10:00.

    Marina Melone con Carla Schettino e Clemente Dato Itinerari didattici a cura di Marina Melone con Carla Schettino, Clemente Dato, Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli & Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca in Neuroscienze (CIRN)

    1. E' tutta questione............. di Equilibrio (sabato 18, ore 11 e domenica 19 ore 10:30) Durata 30'
    2. Nutri-Menti: siamo quello che mangiamo (sabato 18, ore 12 e domenica 19 ore 11:30) Durata 30'
    3. Memoria e dintorni (sabato 18, ore 16 e domenica 19 ore 12:30) Durata 45'

    Orari: Sabato 18, ore 11-12 -16; Domenica 19, 10:30-11:30-12:30 Fondazione Città della Scienza, Museo Corporea, Città della Scienza via Coroglio, 104 e 57 80124 · Napoli

  • Brain Awareness Week (English Version by Dana Foundation)

    Date: 13/03/2017 - 19/03/2017

    What’s New for BAW? (English Version)

    To celebrate Brain Awareness Week, the Dana Alliance and Dana Foundation have added several new features to our websites. Follow the links below to see what’s new and noteworthy for BAW 2017:

    New Downloadable Materials for Kids and Adults Check out our new, downloadable puzzles and fact sheets for children and adults. Several are available in multiple languages. Print and share them with your BAW audiences!

    BAW Partner Interviews Get to know your fellow BAW partners through our latest series of interviews:

    BAW Animation The “What is Brain Awareness Week?” animation is now available in several languages on the Dana Foundation YouTube Channel! Show it at your events so your audiences can learn more about the campaign.

    Dana Foundation Blog Check out the Dana Foundation blog throughout the week for posts highlighting partner events.

    If you haven’t already done so, it’s not too late to post your activities on the [BAW Calendar of Events. You’ll find the event submission form in the Partners-Only area of the BAW website.

    Thank you for your continued participation in Brain Awareness Week. We look forward to hearing the results of your BAW 2017 celebrations!

  • Rare Disease Day 2017

    Date: 28/02/2017

  • Futuro Remoto 2016

    Date: 06/10/2016 - 10/10/2016

    Futuro Remoto reaches the 30th annual appointment: this event is entitled “Costruire” and will be hosted in Piazza Plebiscito, from 7th to 10th October.

    It’s Piazza del Plebiscito the place where the “Villaggio della Scienza” will be set up, with 9 thematic islands, offering scientific phenomena, experiments and talks made by illustrious guests like Piero Angela, Samantha Cristoforetti, Giovanni Bignami, Silvia Bencivelli and many others.

    Thematic Islands:

    Corpo e Mente: Body and Mind (“Corpo e Mente”) are bonded with the concepts of Health and Welfare, and are at the center of attention in all advanced countries: that’s why they have the highest public investments, with major implications in terms of citizen life expectancy and life quality, and the scientific research in the biomedical field, to find new ways to focus on our body and mind. But much remains to be done to ensure a decent level of health and well-being to all the planet Earth inhabitants.


    • October 7th 10:00-22:00: Liliana Dalla Mora e Marina Melone: In-forma il Corpo e il Cervello, at Isola Laboratori Tematici (Laboratory) – The main objective of the activity is too provide an updated information support on healthy lifestyles. Children can play the “Fai con me” (Follow me) games: older games that stimulate the creativity, curiosity and dexterity. Adults can learn how to build simple toys made by everyday materials.
    • October 10th 10:00-14:00: Francesca M. Dovetto: Laboratorio scientifico di lettoscrittura: alla ricerca dei sensi, at Isola Laboratori Tematici (laboratory)

     Our interventions:

    October 7-8th 10:00-22:00: Carmela Spagnuolo e Marina Melone: Mangioca con il Cervello (Scientific Demonstrations) – Interactive game, played like the “Snakes and Ladders” game, aimed at school-age children to address issues related to the welfare and healthy eating. Children will become real living pieces and each box will include an activity. October 7th 10:00-22:00: Carla Perrone Capano e Marianna Crispino: Sentire con le mani (Scientific Demonstrations) – Students can learn how to evaluate the properties of the touch sensory system and to detect, through experiments, how the tactile acuity varies greatly in different regions of our skin.- October 7th 13:30-14:30: Marina Melone: “Così è se vi pare”, at Cortile d’Onore di Palazzo Reale: a travel between reality and perceptions. October 8th 10:00-22:00: Chiara Scarpitti, Patrizia Ranzo e Marina Melone: Materialize your dreams! (Scientific Demonstrations + Laboratory) – a 3D printer and a brain-computer interface will allow, through a brain-machine interaction game, the materialization of a cloud-shaped object reworking the cerebral sequence of the visitor. October 10th 10:00-14:00: Francesca M. Dovetto e Marina Melone: La voce delle emozioni (Scientific Demonstrations) – The proposal, through an interactive station, will show a path of awareness on the different qualities of voice. Visitors can explore and experiment how the voice analysis allows the identification of speaker’s characteristics as well as to recognize his emotions and moods. Mare Nostrum: A space entirely dedicated to the promotion of the sea and its resources, in which will be carried out activities to help you understand the characteristics of the marine ecosystems. The projects for the preservation of the biodiversity and the sustainable promotion of marine environments will be the focus of practical experience. We will also show real examples of innovative activities in all major sectors of the Blue Economy, from aquaculture fisheries to the food processing industry, from shipbuilding to the services related to yachting, from facilities of coastal tourism to mining activities.


    October 7-8th, 10:00-22:00: Valeria Costantino & Marina Melone, with the collaboration of Serenella Gagliardi It’s Just Water (Laboratory) Activities to show the main chemical characteristics of water and how to use them to extract active ingredients from natural sources. There will be a chemical laboratory and another one on the Mediterranean Sea and the recognition of water as a cultural incubator and means of knowledge transmission.

    Il futuro del cibo: The food production and processing in relation to scientific and modern production techniques what will ensure a more efficient and sustainable quality.

    [Smart city[( Area dedicated to the research, sustainable development, diffusion of ethical goods and services in the city of the future.

    Industry 4.0: The future of factories and work, with the usage of new machines and technologies.

    Comunico ergo sum: Instruction, communication, new community and digital divide seen in the technological and interactive communication era.

    Orizzonti Mediterranei: Area dedicated to the research and development of the North African countries bordering the Mediterranean.

    Terra: Environmental study and monitoring, with particular care towards alternative energies.

    Odissea nello spazio: Academies, industries and cultural associations will show their research and the results about Universe study.