Delia Picone

Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry

Name Delia
Surname Picone
Institution University of Naples – Federico II
Address Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Naples Federico II, Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant'Angelo, Via Cintia, I-80126 Napoli, Italy
Delia Picone


  • A 500 MHz study of peptide T in a DMSO solution.

    Publication Date: 11/04/1988 on FEBS letters
    by Picone D, Temussi PA, Marastoni M, Tomatis R, Motta A

    Peptide T, an octapeptide of sequence ASTTTNYT that binds to human T cells, was studied as a zwitterion in DMSOd6 solution by means of proton NMR spectroscopy at 500 MHz. The unusual dispersion of the resonances of residues of the same type (T) makes it possible to assign all resonances to specific residues by means of several 2D techniques. The non-random nature of the conformation is substantiated by the observation of sequential nuclear Overhauser enhancements (NOEs). The low value of the temperature coefficient of the chemical shift of the NH of T8 and a diagnostic NOE between the NHs of T7 and T8 hint that a beta-turn including T5, N6, Y7 and T8 is a prominent conformational feature in solution. The ring current high field shifts of the methyl group and of the NH of T8 are consistent with an interaction with the side-chain of Y7, favoured by the beta-turn.

  • Isolation and characterization of dipeptidyl peptidase IV from human meconium. Functional role of beta-casomorphins.

    Publication Date: 20/05/1985 on FEBS letters
    by Caporale C, Fontanella A, Petrilli P, Pucci P, Molinaro MF, Picone D, Auricchio S

    Dipeptidyl aminopeptidase IV (DAP-IV) (EC was purified from meconium particles sedimenting at 105 000 X g. Its molecular properties and activity on synthetic and natural substrates (casomorphin and procasomorphin) were investigated.