Nutri-RARE: food as medicine

February 28, at 10.30, Città della Scienza, Museo Corporea

Nutri-RARE: food as medicine, or a look into the distant past to imagine the near future.

Curated by Marina Melone and Simone Sampaolo Department of Advanced Medical and Surgical Sciences & Inter-university Research Center in Neuroscience, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, with the collaboration of Giuseppe Sorrentino ISAFOM-CNR

Together with Associazione Italiana Adrenoleucodistrofia, Associazione Leucodistrofie Unite, Associazione Neurofibromatosi to talk about metabolic diseases, proper nutrition and social-health integration.

The dieterotherapies prooved to be fundamental among the opportunities in the management of rare diseases. "There has been an explosion of consumer interest" – explains Marina Melone – “for the role of specific food or physiologically active food components, in improving the state of health, the so-called functional foods. Clearly, all food is functional, they have flavor, smell or provide nutritious value. In the last decade, however, the term “functional” is used in this context with a different connotation: that of providing a physiological benefit in addition to satisfying the basic nutritional needs, and entering for example a diet with specific food for patients with rare diseases".

There will be a special focus on young and very young people. Through educational workshops it will be possible to understand the principle that "Food is your medicine and your medicine is your food", claimed by Hippocrates almost 2,500 years ago. To animate the event in Città della Scienza, there will also be laboratories "SHOW YOU RARE", with the creative participation of the painter Sergio Spataro and the students of the State Institute for Food and Wine and Hospitality - G. Rossini of Naples. The intent is to involve young and old visitors, to go through a process of awareness and arise a collective commitment towards people with different needs.

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