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  • Materialize your dreams: your thoughts become actions!

    Date: 05/10/2016

    Article by Chiara Scarpitti, Patrizia Ranzo & Marina Melone

    The term “Direct Neural Interface” (DNI) or “Brain-Computer Interfaces” (BCI) designate a “communication system” between man and the “machine”, a system that creates a link between the human bran and the computer. Thanks to a “smart helmet”, the electrical signals coming from various parts of our “main engine”, the brain, will be read and sent to a computer. Thus, every thought correlating with a specifical brain activity that is recognized by the software, results in a specific instruction. Will it be possible, in a near future, to replace mouse and keyboard by using our thoughts? Will we be able to create implants that can make subjects with disabling motor disorders autonomous again? What about give voice to those who lost it?

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  • Lectowriting laboratory: the meanings of written and spoken language (Futuro Remoto Community)

    Date: 05/10/2016

    Article by Francesca M. Dovetto & Francesca Chiusaroli

    The representation of speech in written form, sometimes, can cause the loss or alteration of the meaning, both because there isn’t any sound tone to be heard or the prosodic structuring of the sound production, and because of the ambiguity of segmentation: they can result in corresponding difficulty of understanding.

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  • It’s Just Water! (Futuro Remoto Community)

    Date: 28/09/2016

    Article by Costantino & Melone

    Did you know that you can boost your brain by using just a glass of water??

    H2O: two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, the simple formula for water, the most versatile compound in the universe, the base element for life, from whom everything began, as the Greek philosophers knew, excellent electric conductor and secular carrier of people and knowledge.

    Most of our body is made by water, but it’s the brain the place where we keep most of it. It’s the brain, so central to our lives, to be constituted approximately by 85% of it.

    And it is protected by the water because it floats in it (we refer to the cerebrospinal fluid). Therefore, drinking even a glass of water can increase the performance of the brain and make us more efficient by 14%.

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  • Analyze the voice to deduce emotions and diseases (Futuro Remoto Community)

    Date: 27/09/2016

    Article by Francesca M. Dovetto & Marina Melone

    Just by using our ears we are able, with a good approximation, to recognize who’s speaking, how he feels and much more: we can easily define his sex, the approximate age, his emotions and feelings, his health status and, in many cases even his medical conditions or the specific pathology, especially when it causes verbal alterations. Moreover, still just by using the voice, it is possible to change or hide our own identity: for example by talking in “falsetto” or by using our larynx!

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